Le Temps Suspendu

The concept of Kairos comes from Greek mythology and takes its name from the god Kairos, God of opportunity. Beyond opportunity, this concept weaves through the idea of seizing a moment. It applies to time in its irregularity: some periods are richer in moments to live and seize than others. Time is not truly linear since it is experienced differently throughout its course, depending on the perception of the one living it in that moment.

Since the dawn of time, mankind has wanted to possess time, to compel it into a shape: the circle of the clock, Ariadne’s thread, the arrow of chronological time. Organizing time offers the control of time. On the clock as on the thread, it can be suspended, it can be frozen, in a completely artificial way.

The time of travel, of my trip in Mongolia, immortalized on aerial shots and on the roads of this sublime country, finds itself fixing these shapes of time that are the circle or the line. Coincidence? Fatality? These allegories appeared to me as obvious. In the end, time imposed itself on me, made light of my eye.

And if freedom consisted in possessing time? And if wealth comes down to having loneliness, space and silence? All these things which the future generation will lack?” Sylvain Tesson.

The discovery of this corner of the globe and its inhabitants will have made its mark on my life forever, makes me think that, maybe, it is true…