The encephalon is and orchestra that creates a harmonic motion between body and mind. It produces the melodies of our reflections, of our thoughts, and of our dreams, offering to life a symphony of possibilities. It is the guardian of life’s secrets, and the guide of our fates. It is the tightrope walker of inner and outer worlds, the heart of the existence, and the quintessence of what we are.

The encephalon is also a bridge that connects our dream to the reality. Nocturnal visions sometimes make an appearance on one side of this bridge. The mental plane transforms then into a theatre stage on which characters perform. They are the creatures of our thoughts — The thoughts of our creatures. The inquiry opens here.

These nocturnal visions are the result of a complex process, a blend of memories, emotions, and fears, which combined and intertwined in an inexplicable way.
We alone can experience the full reality of this oneiric moment, because once related, this reality is already imperfect. We alone can then resolve the riddle of our dream originating from this encephalon.

The oneiric universe is a terrifying world, appealing, incomprehensible, dematerialized from all time and of all space. The dream can be both vision and aim, destiny and deviation from destinations. Production space and creative surge, it is the initial motion that awakens to poetic conscience. Its archaic dimension, which takes roots in the unconscious mental life of human beings, is indeed the primordial experience of a divestment.

Working on the images of dreams, analyzing one’s inspiration and its interpretation, is then contemplating the way a human being is prone to building and building oneself from their own oneiric experience.
The photographer, Maxime Antony, wished to address the subject of reality, unreality, and the human body as a creature; that of his reflections, his thoughts, and his dreams. Everything is the fruit of a nocturnal imagination that cradles him since the oneiric doors were opened to him.