Colours illuminate our days. Is it the same for our nights? Affirmative. Those colours mix and form oneiric scenes when we put the mind at rest and forget the nocturnal black. Colours nuances, textures, potential patterns, create a universe that is both beautiful and strange. It shapes a backdrop for our dreams, a backdrop for our fantasies.

Here are coloured landscapes which are sculpted from the ochre clay of imagination, that of a somnambulist photographer. It is about an ephemeral travel through the nights, through the seasons, of an in-between world. Pigmentary visions are created, taking place in the space of the sleeper who wanders between these models full of imagery. These visions transport us into the heart of unexplored worlds, inviting us to experience the unknown and to escape from our reality.

The ensemble shapes a vibrant and colourful world where possibilities are endless. Let us be carried away, into an emotional universe of Maxime Antony’s the pictural fashion.