Portrait of Britain

Just as Lord Byron and his poetic traveler Childe Harold, I wanted in turn to undertake a pilgrimage, on the land of Brexit. So that I could feel and experience this agitation, to understand the people, to become the people…

Through several London visits, during historic dates concerning this Brexit, I wished to walk on the path of a history that builds itself, un-builds itself, and to shape an honest and concrete memory of it.

To be at the heart of this European change and hear the beating heart of the English people was intense.

A huge desire for life is the sensation. Feeling that we exist and that life is perpetually changing; it is exhilarating. Some things push us to play, to wage war, to travel, to do ordinary actions strongly felt, and which main appeal is the agitation that is inseparable from it.

Here, anger, angst, worry and division can be felt in the streets of the capital. I blended in this landscape, so that I could transpose it genuinely, the feeling of a powerful people, but divided, lost, almost torn up from their roots.

Listening, seeing, talking, communicating, loving and unloving through picture, that is what fascinates me. Each expression, each gesture, each look, each emotion, I wanted to imprint them, unveil them the most accurately, through the eye of my lens.

The Brexit will leave its marks; it is a historical turning point that bursts in our faces. It is a wandering, a quest for roots…

These images, these actions, and sometimes these encounters, are pieces of history, theirs, ours, and now a little bit mine.