Maxime Antony is a photographer and video maker. Born in 1994 in La Drôme, a region of France, he now lives and works in Paris.
New adventures and travels are his inspiration and the driving force behind his creations.
His travels allow him to open up to the world, to observe what’s around him, and to present, through his lens, that which he watches, sees, feels.
Concurrently, he has recently developed a strong interest in still-life.
Self-taught at first, a professionalization training within the Paris photography school, Les Gobelins, in 2021/2022, allowed him to consolidate his achievements, to improve his skills, and to open further the scope of possibilities.

“A transparent veil. That is what takes shape and what accompanies me daily to illustrate my travels, terrestrial or dreamlike. My eye sharpens thanks to it. It allows me to be a poetic time, an abstract time, a surrealistic time.
It offers me a view of a pictural world that I wish today to tame, feed, and share.”  M.A.




Ambrosia – Fisheye Gallery – Arles – March/April/May 2023
Self-Portait I – Lusted Men – MEP – Paris – May 2022
La Chrysalide – Les rencontres d’Arles – Arles – July 2021
Ambrosia – The Holy Art – Hackney Downs Studios – London – April 2021
La Chrysalide – PhotoSaintGermain – Paris – January 2021
La Chrysalide – Hasard Ludique – Paris – October 2020
Stilleven – Galerie Libre Est L’Art – Paris – February 2020


La Chrysalide – Cheek Magazine – January 2021
Le Temps Suspendu – Fisheye Magazine – February 2020