Born in 1994 in La Drôme, France, Maxime Antony now lives and works in Paris.
As a self-taught photographer, he ponders the questions related to the digital image and the way it can be used to capture and represent the world.
Like an alchemist, he strives to discover, to study, to dissect, to experiment, and to transform the digital image in order to create new points of view, new narrations. In his work, enhancement of reality is a fundamental idea to better understand the world around us and who we are. His photographs reveal an oneiric quality, an ephemeral atmosphere. It often comes to the memory of an instant, of a dream, of the one who saw and remembers.
Maxime Antony delivers his reality to us, one of an in-between world.

“A transparent veil. That is what takes shape and what accompanies me daily to illustrate my travels, terrestrial or dreamlike. My eye sharpens thanks to it. It allows me to be a poetic time, an abstract time, a surrealistic time.
It offers me a view of a pictural world that I wish today to tame, feed, and share.”  M.A.




Prix Picto de la Mode 2023 – Winner of the Filippo Roversi Endowment – May 2023


L’Encéphale & Ocre – Palais Galliera – Paris – May 2023
Ambrosia – Fisheye Gallery – Arles – March/April/May 2023
Self-Portait I – Lusted Men – MEP – Paris – May 2022
La Chrysalide – Les rencontres d’Arles – Arles – July 2021
Ambrosia – The Holy Art – Hackney Downs Studios – London – April 2021
La Chrysalide – PhotoSaintGermain – Paris – January 2021
La Chrysalide – Hasard Ludique – Paris – October 2020
Stilleven – Galerie Libre Est L’Art – Paris – February 2020


Lauréat du Prix Picto de la Mode 2023 – NuméroBFMTV  – Fashion United – PhotoTrend – Fisheye Magazine – May 2023
L’Encéphale – Fisheye Magazine – May 2023
La Chrysalide – Les Inrockuptibles  – Beaux-Arts – Tétu – Fisheye Magazine – Étapes – January 2021
Le Temps Suspendu – Fisheye Magazine – February 2020